How to Fix Refrigerator Not Cooling?

Refrigerator is one of the most used home appliances and therefore, sometimes it comes up with some small problems which thereby results in not cooling of the refrigerator. However, it is not too hard to fix the problem yourself but due to lack of knowing the proper troubleshooting process we have to call a repair person. This home visit of a repair man costs a lot and is a high burden for middle class people.

So, being a person who has been doing this from years, I thought of explaining the actual ways of repairing this small problem yourself.

Most of the refrigerators come with a 5-year warranty (taking about branded refrigerators) and any damage to the motor and other parts are covered. But you need to know this that there are many other parts and accessories of a refrigerator which are not covered in this warranty. So, I would always recommend you to buy the best available in your budget. You can check the list of best refrigerator in India online here.

Materials and Tools required

You must be thinking that you would require a lot of tools and materials for fixing up refrigerator not cooling problem but it’s not true. You just need 3 things – A socket, a wire cutter and A condenser fan (also known as evaporator fan).

Required steps to fix refrigerator not cooling

There could be several reasons for your refrigerator not cooling which may require complex repairing but what if it some simple one and you end up calling repair person and pay more than what is required. So, to get an idea of whether you need to call someone for repairing you should do some troubleshooting’s first.

You must go through these troubleshooting steps in order to save your money and time.

  • Check whether your refrigerator is plugged to the power source properly.
  • Open the refrigerator door and check for whether the light gets ON when door is opened.
  • Now, check whether the thermostat of your refrigerator is working or is in order or not. If not, you can get one from a shop nearby or order from Amazon.
  • Sometimes, the cooling od refrigerator is affected due to improper ventilation which is on the back of the refrigerator. Be sure to check, it is not blocked by anything. Circulation of air is required for cooling of refrigerator.
  • This can also be caused due to clogged coils. Check coils and make sure that it is not clogged.
  • Refrigerators having coils don’t have fans but other products have condenser fans. So, if your refrigerator has condenser fans then check the fans. Now, put the condenser fan to its place and swing to see its moving freely. Put the plug in and check that the fan is moving with the compressor.

In case the fan is not moving then you will have to change the condenser fan. It is not very costly and you can do it yourself.

Changing the condenser fan

Changing the old condenser fan with a new one can just be done in 5 easy steps. Let’s have a look at these simple steps.

Removing the cover

The condenser fan is covered with a fibre/plastic cover which makes it invisible. However, it is just placed in the freezer where you make your ice cubes. You may have to remove the plastic screws which keeps the cover intact and evaporator fan invisible.

Removing the fan cover

Once you remove the plastic cover you would get to see the evaporator or condenser fan which is still covered with a plastic cover. This cover does also have plastic screws to keep it intact.

Removing the fan

Since you have now removed the fan cover, you will see the fan condenser fan which is screwed with two metallic screws. Always remember to unplug the refrigerator before removing the metallic screws and only change the fan if it is making noise or not moving.

Replacing the condenser fan

Remove the mountings of the old fan and attach it to the new one that you are installing. Also, connect the wires to the new fan as it was to the old one.

Now, use the metallic screws to fix the fan at the designated place and place the cover as it was. Voila! You have replaced your condenser fan within minutes yourself.

Wrapping it up

Replacing the condenser fan is simple but if you are not familiar with the electrical appliances then always lookout for help. Go through some videos first or call your electrician for helping you out with this.

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