Storage Secrets for Cookies in Winter

Do you love cookies? Well it is difficult to find someone who doesn’t! From little kids to teenagers, adults, and older individuals, everyone loves cookies. These crispy treats are the best comrades for tea and coffee. You just can enjoy the hot piping cuppa without your favorite cookie.

Most people love buying cookies in bulk and hoard them too. Some receive these as gifts. Households with kids cannot run without huge containers of cookies. Amazing! Isn’t it? However, this isn’t as much fun as it sounds. Cookies tend to get stale in no time. And stale cookies taste really bad!

It is important for cookie lovers to learn the art of storing cookies and preserving them in the right way. Here are a few secrets from experts you must know. These tips will help you store cookies for longer and in their original yummiest state:

Winter Cookie Storage

Most cookie lovers want to know the secret of preserving their cookies. They find it really difficult to do so during winter. Buying best cookies in Delhi will make sure your cookies won’t get stale any sooner. However, it is still important to make sure you follow certain techniques to keep them fresh and in their original state. For winter, it is important that you invest in a few zip lock pouches. This will ensure the best storage. You can also store the same in air tight container. Glass containers with air tight lids are the best option.

Storing Cookies at Room Temperature

Are you looking forward to storing cookies at room temperature? Well, this isn’t really easy. You need to be very careful. The biggest trouble cookies face during storage is the risk of getting stale. Additionally, the texture also changes which isn’t good news for cookie lover. Softer cookies can become hard in texture. Crisper cookies can become soft. So what to do? It is a proven fact that strong or even subtle aromatic flavors from one type of cookie can overwhelm others. This means you should store cookies in a way to preserve their original characteristics. The best way to store cookies and keep them fresh for short term is to keep them at room temperature. You can use glass containers or air tight containers for the same.

Long Term Storage

When it comes to long-term storage, you simply require freezing cookies. This will help you keep the original characteristics of cookies for a long time without affecting their taste, appearance or any other features.

Storing Softer Cookies

If you have bought a huge selection of cookies for Christmas such as chocolate chip, gingerbread, mocha, chocolate chip, chocolate cookies in Delhi and peanut butter cookies, it is time that you take storage of these cookies seriously. If you wish to keep the cookies at their softest state, simply include a slice of white sandwich bread within the airtight container you plan to store the cookies. The trick will keep cookies soft because the moisture inside the bread will leak out into the cookies.

Storing Crispy Cookies in Winter

This is a little tricky. When preserving crispy cookies, you should focus on keeping them and the container and cookies away from moisture. So make sure your crispy cookies are stored separately from soft version. Soft cookies have a lot of moisture in them which can soften crispy cookies. Make sure you store them only in an airtight container. Also choose one that’s sealed completely. Humidity and moisture should be kept far from the cookies. For cookies with stronger flavors, categorize them by type.

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